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Brings transparency to complexity

What is Str8line?

Str8line is a project management SaaS – platform, with predefined processes and methodology for best practice change and scope management. 

What does that mean?

We know that handling change and risk is key to a successful project. This lies at the core of Str8line. Using our platform your project will identify and manage all types of risks and changes, stopping the undesirable, and implementing quickly when required.

Our adaptable process drives progress and ensures decision quality. The system mirrors your management and provides a structured trail of decisions and actions as they branch out in your project.

By structuring the information as you go, your workload is reduced and your changes efficiently managed. Decisions are based on transparent information, reducing mistakes, indecisiveness and conflict.

Our customers

Features in Str8line


Task management

Let your organization setup distribute tasks  for you. One stop management where the process drives progress.

Identify opportunities

Let your entire project identify and flag opportunities. Push decisions up distribute actions down troughout the Project.


Change management

Provide the Client with high quality decision basis for approving changes. Save all parties the cost and labour of unecessary conflict.


Track and connect your channels of communication as you go. Remove the extra step of sorting and cataloguing underway.

Risk management

Identify and follow-up risk from tender to final account. Fully traceable and actionable.

Design review tracking

Make sure design development is handled properly. Realize design improvements and optimalizations.

what makes Str8line special

Our philosophy

We believe that handling the complex requires simplification. Our system is built to minimize the required user inputs, and to maximize the benefit for both the projects and the companies.

Stop when you should, not when you must

The most expensive mistake in any project is neither change nor baseline. It is failure to act in time to make sure the obstacle is avoided. With Str8line the entire Project can participate in identifying obstacles before its too late. Identification is red flagged quickly, mitigating actions is distributed efficiently.

Get ahead of the curve and give your project management a competitive advantage